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CommandText Property (ADO)

Indicates the text of a command to be issued against a provider.

Gets or sets a String value that contains a provider command, such as an SQL statement, a table name, a relative URL, or a stored procedure call. The default is the empty string ("").

Use the CommandText property to set or return the text of a command represented by a Command object. Usually this will be an SQL statement, but can also be any other type of command statement recognized by the provider, such as a stored procedure call. An SQL statement must be of the particular dialect or version supported by the provider's query processor.

If the Prepared property of the Command object is set to True and the Command object is bound to an open connection when you set the CommandText property, ADO prepares the query (that is, a compiled form of the query that is stored by the provider) when you call the Execute or Open methods.

Depending on the CommandType property setting, ADO may alter the CommandText property. You can read the CommandText property at any time to see the actual command text that ADO will use during execution.

Use the CommandText property to set or return a relative URL that specifies a resource, such as a file or directory. The resource is relative to a location specified explicitly by an absolute URL, or implicitly by an open Connection object.

Note Note

URLs using the http scheme will automatically invoke the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing. For more information, see Absolute and Relative URLs.

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