SessionStateProviderBaseContentReaderWriter Members

Represents the content reader or writer for all providers deriving from the SessionStateProviderBase class. This class is included in this SDK for completeness only. The members of this class cannot be used directly, nor should this class be used to derive other classes.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SessionStateProviderBaseContentReaderWriter type.

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodCloseCloses the reader of the derived providers.
public methodDisposeRepresents the Dispose method of the derived provider.
public methodEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)
public methodReadReads content for the derived providers.
public methodSeekFinds content for the derived providers.
public methodToString  (Inherited from Object)
public methodWriteWrites content for the derived providers.

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protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)

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