GenericMeasureInfo Members

Object returned by the Measure-Object cmdlet.

The following tables list the members exposed by the GenericMeasureInfo type.

  Name Description
  GenericMeasureInfo Creates a new GenericMeasureInfo object. This class is included in this SDK for completeness only. The members of this class cannot be used directly, nor should this class be used to derive other classes.

  Name Description
public property Average Gets and sets the average of the values of the properties that are measured.
public property Count Gets and sets the number of objects with the specified properties.
public property Maximum Gets and sets the maximum value of the specified properties.
public property Minimum Gets and sets the minimum value of the specified properties.
public property Property  Gets and sets the property to be measured. (Inherited from MeasureInfo)
public property Sum Gets and sets the sum of the values of the specified properties.

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