Set method of the PS_DhcpServerv4Class class

Modifies an IPv4 vendor class or user class on the DHCP Server with specified parameters.


uint32 Set(
  [in]   string Name,
  [in]   string Type,
  [in]   string Data,
  [in]   string Description,
  [in]   string ComputerName,
  [in]   boolean PassThru,
  [out]  string cmdletOutput


Name [in]

Name of the user or vendor class being modified

Type [in]

Type of the class being modified. Valid values are Vendor, User.

Vendor (Vendor)
User (User )
Data [in]

Data for the specified vendor or user class. This is the actual value expected to be present in the request from the client belonging to this vendor or user class.

Description [in]

Description string to be set on the vendor or user class.

ComputerName [in]

DNS name or IP address of the target computer running the DHCP server service.

PassThru [in]

If this parameter is specified, the cmdlet returns the PowerShell object which is added.

cmdletOutput [out]

An embedded instance of a DhcpServerv4Class object.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012





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