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SetByParameters method of the PS_DnsServerDiagnostics class

Sets debug and logging parameters.


uint32 SetByParameters(
  [in]   boolean Answers,
  [in]   uint32 EventLogLevel,
  [in]   boolean FullPackets,
  [in]   string IPFilterList[],
  [in]   string LogFilePath,
  [in]   uint32 MaxMBFileSize,
  [in]   boolean Notifications,
  [in]   boolean Queries,
  [in]   boolean QuestionTransactions,
  [in]   boolean ReceivePackets,
  [in]   boolean SendPackets,
  [in]   boolean TcpPackets,
  [in]   boolean UdpPackets,
  [in]   boolean UnmatchedResponse,
  [in]   boolean Updates,
  [in]   boolean WriteThrough,
  [in]   boolean SaveLogsToPersistentStorage,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForServerStartStopEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForZoneLoadingEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForLocalLookupEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingToFile,
  [in]   boolean EnableLogFileRollover,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForZoneDataWriteEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForTombstoneEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForRecursiveLookupEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForRemoteServerEvent,
  [in]   boolean EnableLoggingForPluginDllEvent,
  [in]   boolean UseSystemEventLog,
  [in]   string ComputerName,
  [in]   boolean PassThru,
  [out]  string cmdletOutput


Answers [in]

Bit flag for log level

EventLogLevel [in]

Event Log Level - Warning, Error, both Warning and Error, None

FullPackets [in]

Bit flag for log level

IPFilterList [in]

IP Address list to filter.

LogFilePath [in]

Log file path.

MaxMBFileSize [in]

Maximum size of Log file

Notifications [in]

Bit flag for log level

Queries [in]

When True, the server allows query packet exchanges through the content filter.

QuestionTransactions [in]

Bit flag for log level

ReceivePackets [in]

Bit flag for log level

SendPackets [in]

Bit flag for log level

TcpPackets [in]

Bit flag for log level

UdpPackets [in]

Bit flag for log level

UnmatchedResponse [in]

Bit flag for log level

Updates [in]

Bit flag for log level

WriteThrough [in]

Bit flag for log level

SaveLogsToPersistentStorage [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForServerStartStopEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForZoneLoadingEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForLocalLookupEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingToFile [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLogFileRollover [in]

Bit flag for log File Rollover

EnableLoggingForZoneDataWriteEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForTombstoneEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForRecursiveLookupEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForRemoteServerEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

EnableLoggingForPluginDllEvent [in]

Bit flag for log level

UseSystemEventLog [in]

DNS server will write event logs to global/local repository

ComputerName [in]

Specifies the remote computer on which to execute the command.

PassThru [in]

true to return the object that was modified by the method. By default, this method does not generate any output.

cmdletOutput [out]

On return, contains an instance of a DnsServerDiagnostics class. This parameter returns a value only if PassThru is set to true.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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