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ConvertToByADZone method of the PS_DnsServerPrimaryZone class

Converts a zone to DNS server primary zone.


uint32 ConvertToByADZone(
  [in]   string ComputerName,
  [in]   string Name,
  [in]   string ReplicationScope,
  [in]   boolean LoadExisting,
  [in]   boolean PassThru,
  [in]   string DirectoryPartitionName,
  [in]   boolean Force,
  [out]  string cmdletOutput


ComputerName [in]

Specifies the remote computer on which to execute the command

Name [in]

Specifies name of the zone

ReplicationScope [in]

Specifies the directory partition on which to store the zone. FQDN: Specifies fully qualified domain name of the directory partition. domain: Stores the zone on the domain directory partition. enterprise: Stores the zone on the enterprise directory partition. legacy: Stores the zone on a legacy directory partition. Parameter valid only if it is AD based.

Forest (Forest)
Domain (Domain)
Legacy (Legacy)
Custom (Custom )
LoadExisting [in]

Specifies existing file to be used while loading the zone

PassThru [in]

true to return the object that was modified by the method. By default, this method does not generate any output.

DirectoryPartitionName [in]

Specifies the directory partition on which to store the zone.

Force [in]

Converts a zone without prompting you for confirmation. By default, the method prompts you for confirmation before it proceeds.

cmdletOutput [out]

Receives an embedded instance of the DnsServerPrimaryZone class.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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