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Add method of the PS_DhcpServerv4Filter class

Adds a MAC address filter to the DHCP server.


uint32 Add(
  [in]   string ComputerName,
  [in]   string Description,
  [in]   string MacAddress[],
  [in]   string List,
  [in]   boolean Force,
  [in]   boolean PassThru,
  [out]  string cmdletOutput[]


ComputerName [in]

DNS name or IP address of the target computer running the DHCP server service.

Description [in]

Description string for the MAC address filter being added

MacAddress [in]

MAC address(es) which are to be added to the MAC address filter list

List [in]

The list to which the MAC address(es) is/are to be added. Permissible values for this parameter are Allow and Deny.

Allow (Allow)
Deny (Deny )
Force [in]

If specified, if the MAC address(es) is already present in the allow or deny list, the same will be deleted and the new entry created for the same. This would be useful in the case where the MAC address specified is already present in one list (e.g. allow) and the same MAC address now needs to be added to the other list (e.g. deny) instead. If not specified, the cmdlet will fail if the specified MAC address is already present in any of the lists.

PassThru [in]

If this parameter is specified, the cmdlet return the PowerShell objects which are deleted.

cmdletOutput [out]

An embedded instance of the DhcpServerv4Filter class.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012







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