Enable method of the MSFT_DedupVolume class

Enables deduplication on the specified volumes by using default settings.


uint32 Enable(
  [in]   string Volume[],
  [in]   boolean DataAccess,
  [in]   uint32 UsageType,
  [out]  MSFT_DedupVolume REF DedupVolume[]


Volume [in]

A list of file system volumes for which to enable data deduplication. Volumes can be specified by drive letter (for example, D:) or volume GUID path. A volume GUID path is a string of the form "\\?\Volume{GUID}\" where GUID is a GUID that identifies the volume.

DataAccess [in]

If true, grants data access to deduplicated files on the volume to be enabled.

UsageType [in]

Type of data to be stored on the volume. The data can be either general purpose file shares, the default, or Hyper-V storage.

Windows Server 2012:   This parameter is not supported until Windows Server 2012 R2.

Default (1)
HyperV (2)
DedupVolume [out]

Array of references to the enabled volumes.

Return value

This method returns either a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) return code or a system error code.


The MSFT_DedupVolume object references that are returned in the DedupVolume parameter can be used to customize the data deduplication settings.

Deduplication is disabled by default.

Certain volumes are not supported for data deduplication—such as any volume that is not NTFS or any volume that is smaller than 100 MB. If you attempt to enable data deduplication for unsupported volumes, the call fails.


For an example that uses the Enable method, please see Data deduplication backup and restore sample.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012





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