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ListEntry Element for ListControl (Format)

Provides a definition of the list view.


The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the ListEntry element.



Child Elements


Element Description

EntrySelectedBy Element for ListEntry for ListControl (Format)

Optional element.

Defines the .NET Framework objects that use this list view definition or the condition that must exist for this definition to be used.

ListItems Element for ListEntry for ListControl (Format)

Required element.

Defines the properties and scripts whose values are displayed by the list view.

Parent Elements


Element Description

ListEntries Element for ListControl (Format)

Provides the definitions of the list view.

A list view is a list format that displays property values or script values for each object. For more information about list views, see Creating a List View.

This example shows the XML elements that define the list view for the ServiceController object.


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