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ListItems Element for ListEntry for ListControl (Format)

Defines the properties and scripts whose values are displayed in the rows of the list view.


The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and parent element of the ListItems element. There is no limit to the number of child elements that can be specified. The order of the child elements defines the order that values are displayed in the list view.



Child Elements


Element Description

ListItem Element for ListItems for ListControl (Format)

Required element.

Defines the property or script whose value is displayed by the list view.

Parent Elements


Element Description

ListEntry Element for ListControl (Format)

Provides a definition of the list view.

For more information about this type of view, see Creating a List View.

This example shows the XML elements that define three rows of the list view.

        <Label>Property1: </Label>
        <ScriptBlock>$_.ProcessName + “:” $_.Id</ScriptBlock>

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