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SelectionSetName Element for ViewSelectedBy (Format)

Specifies a set of .NET Framework objects that are displayed by the view.

<SelectionSetName>Name of selection set<SelectionSetName>

The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the SelectionSetName element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements


Element Description

ViewSelectedBy Element (Format)

Defines the .NET Framework objects that are displayed by the view.

Specify the name of the selection set that is defined by the Name element for the selection set.

You can use selection sets when you have a set of related objects that you want to reference by using a single name, such as a set of objects that are related through inheritance. For more information about defining and referencing selection sets, see Defining Selection Sets.

The following example shows how to specify a selection set for a list view. The same schema is used for table, wide, and custom views.

  <Name>Name of View</Name>

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