What's New for Printing in Windows 7

Describes what is new for documents and printing in Windows 7.

Documents and Printing

Documents and printing has been improved for Windows 7 to include the following new features and enhancements.

XPS Document API

The XPS Document API lets you create XPS documents from your Win32 program and save them as a document file or send them directly to a printer.

You can also use the XPS Document API to modify existing XPS documents in a Win32 program.

XPS Digital Signature API

The XPS Digital Signature API lets you add digital signatures to XPS documents from your Win32 program.

You can also use the XPS Digital Signature API to verify whether an XPS document is authentic and unaltered.


The XPS Print API lets you print XPS documents from your Win32 program.

Microsoft XPS Document Converter (MXDC) improvements

The MXDC has been improved so that you can use existing GDI functionality to create XPS content and print to the XPS print path from your Win32 programs with greater graphical fidelity than was possible in Windows Vista.


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