Requirements and key concepts

The first requirement for listing a desktop app in the Windows Store is that the app must pass the Windows App Certification Kit. This requirement will not be waived for any app in the Windows Store.

Desktop apps are listed in the Windows Store but not sold directly in the Windows Store. This means that desktop apps display listing data in the Windows Store and that users can click a link to go directly to the purchase experience for that app, which is outside of the Windows Store.

The listing data provided for the app in the Windows Store should enhance or highlight the data provided on the purchase page. Good planning helps ensure that the user sees the correct level of detail at the right time.

You are responsible for how much info is listed in each location. This is often a marketing decision that is particular to your company’s marketing strategy, and should be consistent across all products that your company lists in the Windows Store. For example, your company might want to create some fairly generic content about your app to be shown in the app listing in the Windows Store, because more detailed product info appears on the purchase page for that app.

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