Playing *.dvr-ms Files

The Media Center user interface allows the playback of any recorded TV show. However, it is also possible for DirectShow-based applications to add playback support for unencrypted *.dvr-ms files.

The ability to access *.dvr-ms files by using DirectShow depends on the copy protection policy that is set by the content owner and/or broadcaster. Microsoft Windows XP Media Center determines the copy protection policy by reading the broadcaster's copy protection flag. If the content owner and/or broadcaster has set the policy to protect the content, playback will be restricted to the Media Center computer that was used to record the content.

Playback on a Media Center PC

To enable playback of *.dvr-ms files outside of the Media Center user interface using a DirectShow capable player, the QFE Q329979 must be present and can be installed from Windows Update.

The following registry key can be used to determine if the QFE is already installed on the users system:


Playback on Microsoft Windows XP Home or Microsoft Windows XP Professional

To enable playback of unprotected *.dvr-ms files on Microsoft Windows XP Home or Microsoft Windows XP Professional, the following is required:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1
  • QFE Q810243
  • Microsoft Windows XP compatible DVD decoder

The following registry entry indicates whether Service Pack 1 is installed:


The following registry entry indicates whether QFE Q810243 is installed:


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