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Extending the Bidi Communications Schema

The current schema is minimal set of properties and data for printer communication. It is intended that independent hardware vendors (IHV) define new properties and data to extend the applicability of the schema. For example, the current schema does not deal with scanners or fax machines; an IHV may want to develop the schema for these devices. These new properties and data can be private to the creator or they can be added to the standard well-known set. Thus, not all parties who manipulate a property tree need to understand all properties and data in the tree. There is no limit on the extensibility; new properties and data can be integrated into any areas of the existing schema.

Any extensions must conform to the following guidelines:

  • The printer schema starts with "\Printer." To extend the schema to support scanners or faxes, IHVs must use "\Scanner." or "\Fax."

  • When adding a new property, a property name is required. It is the keyword name of the property.

  • When adding new data, the following are required:

    • Data Name: The keyword name for the data.

    • Data Type: The type of the data.

    • Data Value: The enumeration of possible data associated with the data.

    For example, there could be a new data called AngleZ, where Get("\Printer.NewStapler.AngleZ") returns a data of type INT and a data value of 90 degrees.

  • A private property or data must have a prefix in order to prevent name collision. For example, a company is an appropriate prefix. A name prefix is not required for a nominated new standard property or data.

  • Backward Compatibility: Any application or print system component that introduces non-standard or standard properties and data must maintain backward compatibility with old properties and data with the same or similar meaning to preserve semantics.



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