DestroyVirtualSystemConfiguration method of the CIM_VirtualSystemManagementService class

The referenced virtual system is configuration isdestroyed, including any elements scoped by it. Virtual resources are returned to their resource pools, which may imply the destruction of the resource (implementation dependent).

Important  The DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) CIM (Common Information Model) classes are the parent classes upon which WMI classes are built. WMI currently supports only the CIM 2.x version schemas.


uint32 DestroyVirtualSystemConfiguration(
  [in]   CIM_VirtualSystemSettingData REF Configuration,
  [out]  CIM_ConcreteJob REF Job


Configuration [in]

Reference to ComputerSystem instance to be destroyed.

Job [out]

If operation is long running then optionally a job may be returned

Return value

This method returns one of the following values.

Completed with No Error (0)
Not Supported (1)
Failed (2)
Timeout (3)
Invalid Parameter (4)
Invalid State (5)
DMTF Reserved (..)
Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (4096)
Method Reserved (4097..32767)
Vendor Specific (32768..65535)




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