ID3D10SwitchToRef::GetUseRef method

Get a boolean value that indicates the type of device being used.


BOOL GetUseRef();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

Type: BOOL

TRUE if the device is a software device, FALSE if the device is a hardware device. See remarks.


A hardware device is commonly referred to as a HAL device, which stands for a hardware accelerated device. This means that the pipeline is rendering all of the pipeline commands in hardware, using the GPU. Operating the pipeline with a HAL device gives the best performance generally, but it can be more difficult to debug since resources exist on the GPU instead of the CPU.

A software device implements rendering in software using the CPU with no hardware acceleration. A software device is commonly referred to as a reference device or REF device. Because a REF device implements rendering on the CPU, it is generally slower, but is easier to debug since it allows access to resources.




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