The Failover Cluster API

Windows Failover Clustering provides a set of programming interfaces, collectively referred to as the Failover Cluster API, which allow developers to write applications, and resource DLLs for failover clusters. The Failover Cluster API is defined to be the set of all programming interfaces published in the following files.

  • CluAdmEx.h
  • CluAdmEx.idl
  • ClusAPI.h
  • ClusAPI.lib
  • ResApi.h
  • ResUtils.lib
  • Uuid.lib

To conceptually and functionally distinguish different elements of the Failover Cluster API, this documentation categorizes the files and their contents into distinct subsets. For additional information on these categories, refer to the following sections.

API subsetFunctional category

Cluster API

Working directly with cluster objects and interacting with the Cluster service.

Resource API

Managing resources through a Resource Monitor and a resource DLL.

Cluster Administrator Extension API

Enabling a custom resource type to be administered by Cluster Administrator.




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