PlayToSource.Next | next property

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Gets or sets the next Play To source element.


var next =; = next;

Property value

Type: PlayToSource

The next Play To source element.


For an example of using the Next property, see Streaming a slide show using Play To (JavaScript) or Streaming a slide show using Play To (C#/VB).


// Set up the Play To contract.

// Used to pass an image to Play To that will not be removed/destroyed
// by the slide show logic. For example, if the user opens the Devices
// charm and the sourcerequested event fires, but the image display timeout
// completes before the user selects a target device, then the image that
// was being displayed is removed and destroyed. intialImage is never 
// destroyed so Play To will always have a valid source to stream.
var initialImage = null;

var ptm = Windows.Media.PlayTo.PlayToManager.getForCurrentView();

ptm.addEventListener("sourcerequested", function (e) {
    initialImage = document.createElement("img");

    // Use the statechanged event of the image passed to Play To to determine when
    // the image is finally connected to the Play To Receiver.
    initialImage.msPlayToSource.connection.addEventListener("statechanged", function (e) {

        if (e.currentState === states.connected) {

            // Clear any existing timeout.
            if (cancel) {
                cancel = 0;

            // Clear the slide show div.
            while (id("slideshowDiv").firstChild) {

            // Set the slide show objects and values to show that we are streaming.
            streaming = true;
            id("disconnectButton").style.display = "block";
            id("instructionsDiv").style.display = "none";

            // Queue and display the next image.
            var image = queueImage(currentImage, true);
   = image.msPlayToSource;
    }, false);

    // Provide Play To with the first image to stream.

}, false);

// Update the once the user has selected a device to stream to.
ptm.addEventListener("sourceselected", function (e) {
    disconnectButton.addEventListener("click", disconnectButtonClick, false);
    id("messageDiv").innerHTML = "Streaming to " + e.friendlyName + "...";
    id("deviceSpan").innerHTML = e.friendlyName + ".<br/>Click here to disconnect.";
    id("iconImage").src = URL.createObjectURL(e.icon, { oneTimeOnly: true });
}, false);


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8.1 [Windows Runtime apps only]


Windows::Media::PlayTo [C++]



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