Viewing app adoption rates

Applies to Windows only

The charts and info displayed on the Adoption page show how customers find and download your app.

To view the Adoption page:

  1. Go to your Windows Store Dashboard and find the app.

    Note  You can view your app's adoption only if the app is listed in the Store and appears below the Apps in the Store title.

  2. Click Details in the app's tile to see the App summary page.
  3. In the left menu, click Adoption.
  4. Review the filters at the top of the page and set the time frame that you want to review.


This chart can be used to compare how often shoppers viewed your app in the Windows Store and how often they downloaded it. This can give you a good idea about how well your app's description is encouraging people to try it out. For paid apps, this chart also shows how many people purchased your app—either directly, or by upgrading a trial version of the app.

Note  The number of views shown here doesn't reflect customers who have opted out the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

App listing views by referrer

This chart shows how people found your app listing web page. Each section of the pie represents a referral, or the page that guided the customer to your app listing on the web.

Note  This chart doesn't show how people were referred to your app's listing in the Windows Store.


The Conversion chart shows the total downloads of your app for the selected time period. The Downloads chart tracks your app's downloads over time during the same period.

Note  To review details about who is downloading your app, see Viewing app download history.

App purchases

The App purchases chart shows how often your app was bought over time.

In-app purchases

The In-app purchases chart shows the in-app products that were purchased from within your app over time. If your app includes many in-app offers, only the top 5 will be shown as separate lines in the graph. The rest will be collected into a single line labeled Others.

Note  To review more details about in-app purchases, see Viewing in-app purchases.

Average app usage per day

The Average app usage per day chart shows, on average, how long customers use your app each day.

Downloading adoption data

You can download CSV files of your download and in-app purchase data by clicking Export on the Adoption page. You can select which type of data to download (Downloads or In-app purchases). You can specify a custom date range for any duration during the last 31 days.

Note   Downloaded data is aggregated at a daily level.

Responding to adoption data

Here are some actions you may wish to consider, based on the info you're seeing related to app adoption.

  • Review and improve your app's description. A low conversion from app listing page views to downloads could indicate that your app description is not effective enough to get customers interested in trying out the app.
  • Another thing that can discourage new customers from trying your app are a lot of negative reviews from existing customers. Review customer reviews and feedback to see if there is a specific issue you might fix. Looking at app quality data can also help identify areas to improve in your next release. (Be sure to update your app's description to indicate that the issue contributing to poor reviews has been fixed.)
  • If you find that you are getting a good number of referrals to your app listing web page, think about doing more promotion and marketing to similar referrers to help spread the word.
  • If search engine traffic to your app listing web page is low, think about whether you need to change your listing to use the right keywords, so people searching for apps like yours find it more easily.


All dates and times used in the analytics reports, charts, and downloaded data are shown in UTC.



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