How to launch built-in settings apps by using URI schemes (XAML)

Applies to Windows Phone only

Launch built-in settings pages for Windows Phone by using the URI schemes described in this topic.

For example, the following line of code launches the Wi-Fi settings page.

using Windows.System;
bool result = 
    await Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("ms-settings-wifi:"));

For more info about launching apps by using URI schemes, see How to launch the default app for a URI.

Settings pages that you can launch by using URI schemes

The following table lists the URI schemes that you can use to launch built-in settings pages for Windows Phone.

Uri schemeDescription
ms-settings-airplanemode:Launches the airplane mode settings page.
ms-settings-bluetooth:Launches the Bluetooth settings page.
ms-settings-camera:Launches the photos + camera settings page.
ms-settings-cellular:Launches the cellular + SIM settings page.
ms-settings-emailandaccounts:Launches the email + accounts settings page.
ms-settings-location:Launches the location settings page.
ms-settings-lock:Launches the lock screen settings page.
ms-settings-notifications:Launches the notifications + actions settings page.
ms-settings-power:Launches the Battery Saver settings page.
ms-settings-proximity:Launches the NFC settings page.
ms-settings-screenrotation:Launches the screen rotation settings page.
ms-settings-wifi:Launches the Wi-Fi settings page.
ms-settings-workplace:Launches the workplace settings page.


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