Guidelines for layout and scaling

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

This section provides guidelines for laying out the elements of your app on each app page and for scaling and your app when users interact with it on devices of varying sizes and in resized windows. It also includes guidelines for integrating advertising into the layout of your app.

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Advertising is a great way for app developers to make money, and with the unprecedented reach of Windows 8, it's also a compelling opportunity for advertisers.

Multiple windows

Follow these recommendations if you choose to support multiple windows in your Windows Store app.

Projection manager

Projection manager lets you project a separate window of your app on another screen.

Narrow layouts

Design your app's UI to adjust when a user resizes it to a tall or narrow view.

Scaling to pixel density

Follow these guidelines to preserve the quality of your app's UI when it is scaled for devices with different pixel densities.

Supporting multiple screen sizes

Follow these guidelines when designing a UI that adapts to screens of all sizes and orientations.




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