Financial apps: SmartSight

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

The SmartSight app idea book shows how financial apps can use Windows 8.1 design language to manage the presentation of multi-dimensional financial data. Hubs and tiles, synonymous with the Windows 8.1 user interface, provides users with a simple method of expressing many data elements and types.

You can gain inspiration for the design of your own financial app by reviewing the use cases in this topic and seeing how the Microsoft design language is utilized in the app.

Financial app scenarios

The SmartSight app described in this topic uses Microsoft design features to make it easy for users to navigate complex sets of financial data and conveniently share and present the data and their analysis.

image of the SmartSight appimage of displaying data to a large screen



You can use the Microsoft design language to draw users into your app using live tiles and make it easy and intuitive for your users to navigate your app.

Ben Martens, a unit Vice President with Contoso bank, is responsible for all commercial clients in the West coast region. Ben utilizes the SmartSight app to evaluate client activity and large volumes of transactional data. He selects a pinned live tile to access important data directly from the start screen.

image of live tiles

Ben begins his day reviewing his regional dashboard. Selecting the live tile takes Ben directly to the data he is interested in.

image of the SmartSight app

Ben is able to filter and pivot many data sources in the SmartSight app. This makes it easy for Ben to produce an informative picture of transactions and activity.

image of financial data

Changes in merchant activity catch Ben's attention. He assesses trending data simultaneously with detailed merchant data by swiping left to right in the panorama view.

image of multiple financial charts in a hub view


Summary of analyze

In the first scenario, we see that...

  • Live tiles draw users back into your app by displaying information that is relevant to the user including the ability to opt-in to an offer.
  • Using the right navigation pattern helps your users navigate your app easily and intuitively.

For help choosing the best navigation pattern for your app, see Navigation patterns.

See the Flat navigation pattern in action as part of our App features, start to finish series.

For information on live tiles, see the following:


You can use the Microsoft design language to design your app to interact with other apps and devices. You can use Play To to share your PC experience to large screen monitor. You can use the Share contract to share your content through e-mail and other apps.

Ben is encouraged that the information collected using the SmartSight app is enough to help address negative activity in his region. He prepares a presentation for his regional directors while pulling data from the SmartSight app. Having multiple apps on the screen at the same time helps Ben to be more productive.

image of resized view

While meeting with the regional directors, Ben swipes from the left and selects the Devices charm to display his market research on a larger monitor for all to see. The regional directors can clearly interpret the data that was generated from the SmartSight app. They are committed to working with merchants in their districts to reverse current market trends.

image of displaying data to a large screen

A week later, Ben reviews merchant and regional data using the SmartSight app. He is pleased to see that corrective actions appear to be working.

image of a line chart

Ben sends out the latest merchant data using Share, which enables him to distribute data through e-mail, without having to leave the SmartSight app.

image of sharing using e-mail


Summary of care

In the second scenario, we see that...

  • An app that has full functionality when the user resizes it to narrow widths lets the user increase engagement with your app.
  • You can extend the content from your app to any Play To enabled device.
  • You can make your content into a Share source and Windows connects you to other apps, email, and social networks.
  • You can make your app into a Share target and receive content, links, or any other type of structured data.

For information on window sizes, Play To, and the Share contract, see the following:

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