Windows.Storage Enumerations

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

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ApplicationDataCreateDisposition enumeration

Specifies creation options for application data containers.

ApplicationDataLocality enumeration

Specifies the type of an application data store.

CreationCollisionOption enumeration

Specifies what to do if a file or folder with the desired name already exists in the current folder.

FileAccessMode enumeration

Specifies the mode used to access a file.

FileAttributes enumeration

Describes the attributes of system file or folder.

KnownLibraryId enumeration

Values that identify storage libraries.

NameCollisionOption enumeration

Specifies what to do if a file or folder renamed, moved, or copied and there is an existing file or folder with the same name in the desired location.

StorageDeleteOption enumeration

Specifies whether an item that is deleted is sent to the Recycle Bin or permanently deleted.

StorageItemTypes enumeration

Describes the kind of item that is represented by an instance of a class that implements IStorageItem (like a StorageFile or StorageFolder object).

StreamedFileFailureMode enumeration

Indicates the reason that data could not be streamed.




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