Windows.ApplicationModel.Background enumerations

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AlarmAccessStatus enumeration

Indicates whether the user has given permission for the app to set alarms.

BackgroundAccessStatus enumeration

On Windows, this enumeration specifies an app's ability to perform background activity and display a tile on the lock screen.. On Windows Phone, only indicates an app's ability to perform background activity.

BackgroundTaskThrottleCounter enumeration

Indicates the type of throttle count to check for in a GetThrottleCount request.

BackgroundWorkCostValue enumeration

Indicates the current cost of doing background work. Used as a hint to background tasks about how much work they can do.

BackgroundTaskCancellationReason enumeration

Specifies the reasons for cancelling a background task.

DeviceTriggerResult enumeration

Indicates whether the device background task operation was allowed or denied, and if it was denied specifies the reason.

LocationTriggerType enumeration

Indicates a type of location event for a location background task trigger.

SystemConditionType enumeration

Specifies a system condition that must be in effect for a background task to run. If a background task with a system condition is triggered, the task will not run until the condition is met.

SystemTriggerType enumeration

Specifies the system events that can be used to trigger a background task.




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