Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators Enumerations

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DataClasses enumeration

Describes the cellular data services supported by a mobile broadband network device.

HotspotAuthenticationResponseCode enumeration

Defines values used to indicate status of connection authentication with a mobile hotspot. Provides the response code from the WISPr server for an authentication attempt.

MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus enumeration

Describes different states of a MobileBroadbandAccountWatcherStatus object.

MobileBroadbandDeviceType enumeration

Describes different types of Mobile Broadband devices.

MobileBroadbandRadioState enumeration

Describes radio states for a Mobile Broadband device.

NetworkDeviceStatus enumeration

Describes the readiness of a device to connect to a wireless network.

NetworkOperatorEventMessageType enumeration

Describes the type of a network operator notification message.

NetworkRegistrationState enumeration

Describes the network registration state of a mobile broadband device.

ProfileMediaType enumeration

Describes network types for provisioned network connectivity profiles.

TetheringCapability enumeration

Defines values that can be returned after calling getTetheringCapability to indicate the tethering capabilities of a network account.

TetheringOperationalState enumeration

Defines values used by the TetheringOperationalState property to indicate the operational state of a device's tethering capabilities.

TetheringOperationStatus enumeration

Defines the values returned with a NetworkOperatorTetheringOperationResult object to indicate the status of a tethering operation.

UssdResultCode enumeration

Describes the USSD response codes for messages sent to the network.




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