TileUpdateManager.GetTemplateContent | getTemplateContent method

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Gets the XML content of one of the predefined tile templates so that you can customize it for a tile update.

Note  When this method is called on a Windows 8 system, it returns a version 1 template. When this method is called on a Windows 8.1 system, it returns a version 2 template. However, if an app specifies Windows 8 compatibility in its manifest, this method returns a version 1 template.


var xmlDocument = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileUpdateManager.getTemplateContent(type);



Type: TileTemplateType

The name of the template.

Return value

Type: XmlDocument

The object that contains the XML.


You can use Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation functions to customize the template content for use in a TileNotification update that you will send to the tile through the TileUpdater that you create through the other methods of this class.

See tile schema for an explanation of tile elements and attributes.


The following example shows GetTemplateContent used to retrieve the XML content of a tile template.

var tileTemplate = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileTemplateType.tileWide310x150Text03;
var tileXml = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileUpdateManager.getTemplateContent(tileTemplate);


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8.1 [Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 and Windows Runtime apps]


Windows::UI::Notifications [C++]



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