InkRecognizer.Name | name property

Applies to Windows only

Gets the name of the InkRecognizer.


var name =;

Property value

Type: String [JavaScript] | System.String [.NET] | Platform::String [C++]

The name.


The following table lists the languages supported by the InkRecognizer. The first column contains the possible values for Name.

NameIETF language tagCoverage
Microsoft English (US) Handwriting Recognizeren-USEnglish in the U.S. and the Philippines
Microsoft English (UK) Handwriting Recognizeren-GBEnglish in Great Britain, and all other locations not specified in this table
Microsoft English (Canada) Handwriting Recognizer en-CAEnglish in Canada
Microsoft English (Australia) Handwriting Recognizer en-AUEnglish in Australia
Microsoft-Handschrifterkennung - Deutsch de-DEGerman in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Namibia
Microsoft-Handschrifterkennung - Deutsch (Schweiz) de-CHGerman in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Reconocimiento de escritura a mano en español de Microsoft es-ESSpanish in Spain, and all other locations not specified in this table
Reconocedor de escritura en Español (México) de Microsoft es-MXSpanish in Mexico and the United States
Reconocedor de escritura en Español (Argentina) de Microsoft es-ARSpanish in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Reconnaissance d'écriture Microsoft - Français frFrench in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and all other locations
Microsoft 日本語手書き認識エンジン jaJapanese in all locations
Riconoscimento grafia italiana Microsoft itItalian in Italy, Switzerland, and all other locations
Microsoft Nederlandstalige handschriftherkenning nl-NLDutch in the Netherlands, Surinam, and the Antilles
Microsoft Nederlandstalige (België) handschriftherkenning nl-BEDutch in Belgium (Flemish)
Microsoft 中文(简体)手写识别器 zhChinese in simplified script
Microsoft 中文(繁體)手寫辨識器 zh-HantChinese in traditional script
Microsoft система распознавания русского рукописного ввода ruRussian in all locations
Reconhecedor de Manuscrito da Microsoft para Português (Brasil) pt-BRPortuguese in Brazil
Reconhecedor de escrita manual da Microsoft para português pt-PTPortuguese in Portugal, and all other locations
Microsoft 한글 필기 인식기 koKorean in all locations
System rozpoznawania polskiego pisma odręcznego firmy Microsoft plPolish in all locations
Microsoft Handskriftstolk för svenska svSwedish in all locations
Microsoft rozpoznávač rukopisu pro český jazyk csCzech in all locations
Microsoft Genkendelse af dansk håndskrift daDanish in all locations
Microsoft Håndskriftsgjenkjenner for norsk nbNorwegian (Bokmal) in all locations
Microsoft Håndskriftsgjenkjenner for nynorsk nnNorwegian (Nynorsk) in all locations
Microsoftin suomenkielinen käsinkirjoituksen tunnistus fiFinnish in all locations
Microsoft recunoaştere grafie - Română roRomanian in all locations
Microsoftov hrvatski rukopisni prepoznavač hrCroatian in all locations
Microsoft prepoznavač rukopisa za srpski (latinica) sr-LatnSerbian, in Latin, in all locations
Microsoft препознавач рукописа за српски (ћирилица) srSerbian, in Cyrillic, in all locations
Reconeixedor d'escriptura manual en català de Microsoft caCatalan in all locations



Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

None supported


Windows::UI::Input::Inking [C++]



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