CallControl.HangUpRequested | hanguprequested event

Applies to Windows only

Occurs when the device receives a request to hang up a call.


function onHangUpRequested(eventArgs) { /* Your code */ }
// addEventListener syntax
callControl.addEventListener("hanguprequested", onHangUpRequested);
callControl.removeEventListener("hanguprequested", onHangUpRequested);
- or -

callControl.onhanguprequested = onHangUpRequested;

Event information

Delegate CallControlEventHandler


This class provides access to events that can be monitored and used for modifying the behavior of your telephony-aware app. The following JavaScript code snippet shows how to add event listeners to the CallControl class, and then to respond to one of the events, HangUpRequested.

// Define the user-defined valriables
var callControls = null;
var audioTag;

// Add code to initialize your user-defined variables as needed
<code goes here>

// Initialize the telephony device
    function initDevice() {
        if (!callControls) {
            try {
                callControls = Windows.Media.Devices.CallControl.getDefault();

                if (callControls) {
                    // Add the event listener to listen for the various button presses
                    callControls.addEventListener("answerrequested", answerButton, false);
                    callControls.addEventListener("hanguprequested", hangupButton, false);
                    callControls.addEventListener("audiotransferrequested", audiotransferButton, false);
                    callControls.addEventListener("redialrequested", redialButton, false);
                    callControls.addEventListener("dialrequested", dialButton, false);

                    sdkSample.displayStatus("Call Controls Initialized");
                    id("scenario1Ring").disabled = false;
                } else {
                    sdkSample.displayError("No Bluetooth device detected.");
            catch (e) {                
                sdkSample.displayError("No Bluetooth device detected.");

// Event handler code to respond to the HangUpRequested event
    function hangupButton() {
        // Hang up request received.  The application should end the active call and stop
        // streaming to the headset
        sdkSample.displayStatus("Hangup requested");
        audiotag = document.getElementById("audiotag");

For the complete listing of this sample see How to manage calls on the default Bluetooth communications device.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

None supported


Windows::Media::Devices [C++]



See also

How to manage calls on the default Bluetooth communications device



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