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How to: Search for Symbols in Resources

To find symbols in resources

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Find Symbol.

  2. In the Find Symbol dialog box, in the Find What box, select a previous search string from the drop-down list or type the accelerator key you want to find (for example, ID_ACCEL1).

    Tip Tip

    To use regular expressions for your search, you must use the Find in Files command from the Edit menu instead of the Find Symbol command. To enable regular expressions, you must have the Use: Regular Expressions check box selected in the Find dialog box. Then you can click the right-arrow button to the right of the Find What box to display a list of regular search expressions. When you select an expression from this list, it is substituted as the search text in the Find What box.

  3. Select any of the Find options.

  4. Click Find Next.

    Note Note

    You cannot search for symbols in string, accelerator, or binary resources.

For information on adding resources to managed projects, please see Resources in Applications in the .NET Framework Developer's Guide. For information on manually adding resource files to managed projects, accessing resources, displaying static resources, and assigning resources strings to properties, see Walkthrough: Localizing Windows Forms and Walkthrough: Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET.



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