Account types, locations, and fees

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

We offer two types of developer accounts: individual accounts, and company accounts. Developer accounts are offered in many countries and regions.

No matter which type of account you choose, your account will give you the ability to submit apps to both the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Note  Whether you create an account for a company or an individual, you can associate only one Microsoft account with the developer account. When signing up for an account, make sure to sign in with the Microsoft account that you want to use for your developer account.

When you begin the signup process you'll need to choose whether to create an individual account or a company account.

Important  You cannot change the account type once you make your selection, so be sure to choose the right type.

Here are the essential differences between the two account types.

Individual accountCompany account
  • Restricted from using certain app capabilities
  • Cannot list desktop apps in the Windows Store
  • Costs approximately $19 USD per year (the exact amount varies depending on your country or region)
  • Requires verification through Symantec
  • Greater access to app capabilities
  • Ability to submit verification of EV status
  • Can list desktop apps in the Windows Store
  • Requires that your company is recognized as such in the country or region in which it is located
  • Costs approximately $99 USD per year (the exact amount varies depending on your country or region)


Company accounts are a little more expensive, mostly because we take some additional steps to ensure that you are authorized to represent your company and set up the account. The main benefits of having a company account are the ability to list desktop apps in the Windows Store, and to publish apps that declare additional app capabilities.

Specifically, you must have a company account in order to publish apps that use the following three capabilities:

  • enterpriseAuthentication—Uses Windows credentials for access to a corporate intranet. This is typically used in line-of-business apps that connect to servers within an enterprise. (You don't need this capability for generic communication across the internet.)
  • sharedUserCertificates—Enables an app to access software and hardware certificates, such as certificates stored on a smart card. This is typically used for financial or enterprise apps that require a smart card for authentication.
  • documentsLibrary—Allows programmatic access to the user's Documents, filtered to the file type associations declared in the package manifest. (You don't need to declare this capability in order to access a user's Documents with the file picker).

    Note  Windows Phone Store apps cannot use the documentsLibrary capability.

Having a company account does not guarantee that apps using these capabilities will pass certification. These capabilities are intended for very specific scenarios, and most apps shouldn't declare them. For more information, see App capability declarations.

In addition, Windows Store apps that declare the documentsLibrary capability can only be submitted from developer accounts which can demonstrate they have acquired an Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate from a certificate authority (CA). To confirm your EV status, you must download an XML file from the Profile page of your Windows Store Dashboard, then sign it with a valid EV code-signing certificate obtained through Symantec or Digicert. The Code Signing Tool for Xml can be used to sign the file with this certificate, and you must use SHA-2 (not SHA-1). You’ll then need to return to your Account page and upload the signed file as proof of your EV status.

For company accounts, we use Symantec to verify that you’re authorized to create an account for the company that you’re representing. This process can take from a few days to a couple of weeks, and often includes a phone call to your company (so make sure your contact information is up to date when you fill out the registration forms). You can't submit apps from a company account until it's been verified, but while you're waiting, you can reserve app names, access your  Dashboard, and continue building and testing your app.

Developer account and app-submission markets

You can register for your developer account and submit apps if you live or operate a business in a country or region listed below.

In the following table, the Registration fee is the cost to register for your developer account for one year. Prices are subject to change.

Note  We'll add any applicable taxes and fees to the registration fee when you sign up. Also, when we pay you, your bank might charge a fee to receive the payment.

The payout describes how we'll pay you the money you earn from your apps. You'll be able to choose the payout account into which we'll deposit this money.

Note  Some markets do not support paid apps (payout). In those markets, only free apps can be submitted.

Country/regionRegistration feePayout
Afghanistan19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Albania19 USD99 USDNo payout
Algeria1535 DZD7000 DZDUSD paid to bank
Andorra14 EUR75 EURNo payout
Angola19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Antigua and Barbuda19 USD99 USDNo payout
Argentina106 ARS420 ARS USD paid to bank
Armenia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Australia21 AUD110 AUDAUD paid to bank
Austria14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Azerbaijan19 USD99 USDNo payout
The Bahamas19 USD99 USDNo payout
Bahrain7 BHD38 BHDBHD paid to bank
Bangladesh1468 BDT7600 BDTBDT paid to bank
Barbados19 USD99 USDNo payout
Belarus19 USD99 USDNo payout
Belgium14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Belize19 USD99 USDNo payout
Benin19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Bhutan19 USD99 USDNo payout
Bolivia19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Bosnia and Herzegovina19 USD99 USDNo payout
Botswana19 USD99 USDNo payout
Brazil46 BRL160 BRLUSD paid to bank
Brunei19 USD99 USDNo payout
Bulgaria28 BGN160 BGNBGN paid to bank
Burkina Faso19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Burundi19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Cambodia19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Cameroon19 USD99 USDXAF paid to bank
Canada20 CAD99 CADCAD paid to bank
Cape Verde19 USD99 USDNo payout
Central African Republic19 USD99 USDXAF paid to bank
Chad19 USD99 USDXAF paid to bank
Chile9776 CLP 46000 CLPUSD paid to bank
China116 CNY600 CNYUSD paid to bank
Colombia36543 COP180000 COPUSD paid to bank
Comoros19 USD99 USDNo payout
Congo19 USD99 USDXAF paid to bank
Congo (DRC)19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Costa Rica9578 CRC49725 CRCCRC paid to bank
Côte d'Ivoire19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Croatia107 HRK500 HRKHRK paid to bank
Cyprus14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Czech Republic365 CZK1720 CZKCZK paid to bank
Denmark106 DKK530 DKKDKK paid to bank
Djibouti19 USD99 USDNo payout
Dominica19 USD99 USDNo payout
Dominican Republic19 USD99 USDDOP paid to bank
Ecuador19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Egypt133 EGP600 EGPEGP paid to bank
El Salvador19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Equatorial Guinea19 USD99 USDNo payout
Eritrea19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Estonia14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Ethiopia19 USD99 USDETB paid to bank
Faroe Islands19 USD99 USDNo payout
Fiji19 USD99 USDNo payout
Finland14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
France14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Gabon19 USD99 USDNo payout
The Gambia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Georgia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Germany14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Ghana19 USD99 USDGHS paid to bank
Greece14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Greenland19 USD99 USDNo payout
Grenada19 USD99 USDNo payout
Guatemala19 USD99 USDGTQ paid to bank
Guinea19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Guinea-Bissau19 USD99 USDNo payout
Guyana19 USD99 USDNo payout
Haiti19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Honduras19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Hong Kong SAR147 HKD760 HKDHKD paid to bank
Hungary4237 HUF18800 HUFHUF paid to bank
Iceland2319 ISK11929 ISKNo payout
India1201 INR4500 INRINR paid to bank
Indonesia203015 IDR1000000 IDRIDR paid to bank
Iraq22078 IQD120000 IQDUSD paid to bank
Ireland14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Israel67 ILS350 ILSILS paid to bank
Italy14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Jamaica19 USD99 USDJMD paid to bank
Japan1847 JPY 9800 JPYJPY paid to bank
Jordan13 JOD70 JODJOD paid to bank
Kazakhstan2897 KZT15038 KZTKZT paid to bank
Kenya19 USD99 USDKES paid to bank
Kiribati19 USD99 USDNo payout
Korea21216 KRW108000 KRWUSD paid to bank
Kuwait5 KWD28 KWDKWD paid to bank
Kyrgyzstan19 USD99 USDNo payout
Laos19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Latvia10 LVL60 LVLLVL paid to bank
Lebanon28690 LBP149686 LBPLBP paid to bank
Lesotho19 USD99 USDNo payout
Liberia19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Libya19 USD99 USDNo payout
Liechtenstein17 CHF93 CHFNo payout
Lithuania49 LTL280 LTLLTL paid to bank
Luxembourg14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Macao SAR19 USD99 USDNo payout
Macedonia, FYRO19 USD99 USDNo payout
Madagascar19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Malawi19 USD99 USDMWK paid to bank
Malaysia62 MYR300 MYRUSD paid to bank
Maldives19 USD99 USDNo payout
Mali19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Malta14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Marshall Islands19 USD99 USDNo payout
Mauritania5681 MRO30046 MRONo payout
Mauritius19 USD99 USDNo payout
Mexico247 MXN1140 MXNMXN paid to bank
Micronesia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Monaco14 EUR75 EURNo payout
Mongolia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Montenegro14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Morocco158 MAD800 MADMAD paid to bank
Mozambique19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Myanmar19 USD99 USDNo payout
Namibia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Nauru19 USD99 USDNo payout
Nepal19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Netherlands14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
New Zealand24 NZD140 NZDNZD paid to bank
Nicaragua19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Niger19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Nigeria19 USD99 USDNGN paid to bank
Norway113 NOK580 NOKNOK paid to bank
Oman7 OMR40 OMROMR paid to bank
Pakistan1959 PKR9000 PKRPKR paid to bank
Palau19 USD99 USDNo payout
Panama19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Papua New Guinea19 USD99 USDNo payout
Paraguay19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Peru54 PEN280 PENPEN paid to bank
Philippines832 PHP4400 PHPPHP paid to bank
Poland59 PLN280 PLNPLN paid to bank
Portugal14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Qatar69 QAR360 QARQAR paid to bank
Romania63 RON360 RONUSD paid to bank
Russia626 RUB3000 RUBRUB paid to bank
Rwanda19 USD99 USDRWF paid to bank
Saint Kitts and Nevis19 USD99 USDNo payout
Saint Lucia19 USD99 USDNo payout
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines19 USD99 USDNo payout
Samoa19 USD99 USDNo payout
San Marino14 EUR75 EURNo payout
São Tomé and Príncipe19 USD99 USDNo payout
Saudi Arabia71 SAR380 SARSAR paid to bank
Senegal19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Serbia1619 RSD7000 RSDUSD paid to bank
Seychelles19 USD99 USDNo payout
Sierra Leone19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Singapore24 SGD120 SGDSGD paid to bank
Slovakia14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Slovenia14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Solomon Islands19 USD99 USDNo payout
Somalia19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
South Africa193 ZAR 700 ZARZAR paid to bank
Spain14 EUR75 EUREUR paid to bank
Sri Lanka19 USD99 USDLKR paid to bank
Suriname19 USD99 USDNo payout
Swaziland19 USD99 USDNo payout
Sweden123 SEK700 SEKSEK paid to bank
Switzerland17 CHF90 CHFCHF paid to bank
Taiwan568 TWD2840 TWDUSD paid to bank
Tajikistan19 USD99 USDNo payout
Tanzania19 USD99 USDTZS paid to bank
Thailand601 THB3000 THBTHB paid to bank
Timor-Leste19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Togo19 USD99 USDXOF paid to bank
Tonga19 USD99 USDNo payout
Trinidad and Tobago122 TTD636 TTDTTD paid to bank
Tunisia31 TND140 TNDTND paid to bank
Turkey37 TRY160 TRYTRY paid to bank
Turkmenistan19 USD99 USDNo payout
Tuvalu19 USD99 USDNo payout
Uganda19 USD99 USDUGX paid to bank
Ukraine156 UAH800 UAHUSD paid to bank
United Arab Emirates19 USD99 USDEUR paid to bank
United Kingdom12 GBP65 GBPGBP paid to bank
United States19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank
Uruguay19 USD99 USDUYU paid to bank
Uzbekistan19 USD99 USDNo payout
Vanuatu19 USD99 USDNo payout
Venezuela119 VEF420 VEFUSD paid to bank
Vietnam400425 VND2000000 VNDVND paid to bank
Yemen4080 YER21245 YERNo payout
Zambia19 USD99 USDZMK paid to bank
Zimbabwe19 USD99 USDUSD paid to bank


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