Windows.UI.Xaml.Media enumerations

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AlignmentX enumeration

Describes how content is positioned horizontally in a container.

AlignmentY enumeration

Describes how content is positioned vertically in a container.

AudioCategory enumeration

Describes the purpose of the audio information in an audio stream. Used as a value by AudioCategory.

AudioDeviceType enumeration

Describes the primary usage of the device that is being used to play back audio. This value is used by AudioDeviceType.

BrushMappingMode enumeration

Specifies the coordinate system used by a Brush.

ColorInterpolationMode enumeration

Determines how the colors in a gradient are interpolated.

ElementCompositeMode enumeration

Declares alternate composition and blending modes for elements in mixed XAML / Microsoft DirectX UI.

FillRule enumeration

Specifies how the intersecting areas of PathFigure objects contained in a Geometry are combined to form the area of the Geometry.

GradientSpreadMethod enumeration

Specifies how to draw the gradient outside a gradient brush's gradient vector or space.

MediaCanPlayResponse enumeration

Describes the likelihood that the media engine can play a media source based on its file type and characteristics.

MediaElementState enumeration

Defines the potential states of a MediaElement object.

PenLineCap enumeration

Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.

PenLineJoin enumeration

Describes the shape that joins two lines or segments.

Stereo3DVideoPackingMode enumeration

Describes the frame-packing mode for stereo 3-D video content.

Stereo3DVideoRenderMode enumeration

Describes the stereo 3-D video render mode for the current media source.

Stretch enumeration

Describes how content is resized to fill its allocated space.

StyleSimulations enumeration

Describes the simulation style of a font.

SweepDirection enumeration

Specifies the direction in which an elliptical arc is drawn.




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