Financial summary

Applies to Windows Phone

Financial summary reporting gives you the tools to track the payout details of your apps and customer in-app purchases.

Near the top of the Financial summary page, you’ll find your Total paid to date and Proceeds since last payment amounts.

  • Total paid to date is your total payout to date. This is the same as the Paid to date amount in the Financial summary section on your Dashboard.

  • Proceeds since last payment is the amount of money your account has accumulated since your last payout was sent. This amount represents the sum of your Reserved and Pending balances.

    • Reserved represents proceeds that are currently held and not yet available for payment. Typically, these proceeds come from your most recent sales. Funds remain in this category for about 30 days.

    • Pending represents proceeds that have been held long enough to move out of the Reserved category, and will be scheduled for payment the following month.

  • To be eligible for payout, your proceeds (net receipts minus the Store fee) that are available for payout during a given month must exceed 200.00 USD or its equivalent in local currency. Please review the App Developer Agreement for additional details.

  • The amount shown here is an estimate because exchange rates can fluctuate.

In the Payment history area, you can view some basic payout stats about your apps and in-app products. You can view data from predefined increments of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. You also can see payouts for a specific period of time in a range that you define by selecting a Start month and an End month. Proceeds and other details such as currency and withholding tax are displayed by month.

Total proceeds for selected dates is your total amount accumulated for the specified date range. You may or may not have a payout in the specified time period.

The Status column shows whether your attempted payout was successful. If you see Unsuccessful payment in this column, you may need to update your Tax profile or Payment account. If you need help updating your tax and payment details, go to Dev Center support and submit a support ticket.

  • The Proceeds since last payment amount will immediately decrease when your payout is attempted. In the event that your payout fails, the amount attempted will be returned to your balance.

  • The payout report is updated at the end of each month.

  • You may receive your payout before the report is populated for that month.

Click Export all paid transactions to create an Excel spreadsheet that has more detailed info about your payouts. Click Export to create a spreadsheet that lists transactions for a specific month. These spreadsheets show your proceeds on a per-app basis. To parse these files programmatically, use Open XML SDK.

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