App and in-app purchase reports

Applies to Windows Phone

Use App downloads and In-app purchases (IAP) reporting to get a good read on how your products are performing in Windows Phone Store.

Note: You can use in-app products only in apps for Windows Phone 8 and later versions.

On the App downloads reporting page, you can track the number of downloads for your app(s). A purchase of your app by a new user represents an App download. If the user reinstalls the app later, the reinstallation won’t appear on the report. Updates for the same app also won’t appear.

To see conversion statistics for trial-to-paid apps, use the Export function to create an Excel spreadsheet of this data.

The Cumulative downloads chart shows the total number of downloads for the app since it was published. If you want to compare daily and cumulative downloads data, filter the date range for the report using a start date before the publication of your app. Remember, the download report shows the number of purchases and not the number of installations. This will allow you to see the true purchase events of your apps.

Export files are in Open XML Excel format and you can view them using Microsoft Excel. If you want to parse these files programmatically, use Open XML SDK.

If you’re using third-party analytics, their stats may not exactly equal Dev Center numbers, depending on how they represent reinstallations of the app, usage of the app on multiple phones by the same user, or testing of the app by the developer.

Also, if your App downloads and/or In-app purchases reports don’t match the statistics in the Financial summary report, don’t be alarmed. Payout is processed only when a purchase is finalized and any money is collected, which can take a few days or even months in some cases. However, App downloads and In-app purchases reports show the purchase right away.

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