Opening a developer account

This overview of how to register for a developer account for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store will help you understand the process of setting up your account.

Note  Some fields in the sign-up forms have restrictions on what characters you can enter.

Sign up steps

  1. Go to the registration page and click Join now, or open your Windows Store Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard link near the top of any page in the Windows Store apps Dev Center.

  2. If you're not already signed in with your Microsoft account, do so now. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for one from this page.

    Note   If you already have a Windows Phone developer account associated with the Microsoft account you used to sign in, the accounts will be linked and both accounts will use the same publisher display name. If you don't want this to happen, you'll need to sign in with a different Microsoft account. See Picking a Microsoft account for more info.

  3. Select your developer account type (individual or company). You cannot change this later, so be sure to choose the right type of account.
  4. Enter the contact info you want to use for your developer account.

    Note  We'll only use this to contact you about account-related matters. For example, you'll receive an email confirmation message after you complete your registration. After that, we'll send messages when we pay you, or if you need to fix something with your account.

    If you are registering as a company, you'll also need to enter the name, email address, and phone number of the person who will approve your company's account.

  5. Fill out the info in the form. Note the following items in particular:
    • For the website, enter the URL for the website that you want to associate with your developer account. Customers don't see what you enter in this field (though when you submit an app, you can provide the same URL in the app's description if you want to display it in the Details section of your app's Windows Store listing).
    • For the publisher display name, enter the name under which your apps should be listed in the Store. Pick this carefully, as customers will see this name when browsing and will come to know your apps by this name.

      Note   If someone else has trademarked or copyrighted the name you picked, your account could be closed. See your App Developer Agreement for more info.

  6. Accept the terms and conditions of the App Developer Agreement.
  7. Enter your payment info to pay for your account via credit card or PayPal, or provide a token if you have one. (See Account types, locations, and fees to find pricing information.)

  8. Review your order, then click Purchase to confirm your account registration and charge applicable fees. We'll send a confirmation message to your developer email address.

Character sets and restrictions

Due to international commerce and developer authentication requirements, certain fields in the developer account sign-up forms might not support characters in your native language character set. Some of the values in these forms can only be entered in alphanumeric characters included in the Western European alphabet.

The following values in the developer account sign-up forms need to be inputted as Western European alphanumeric characters:

  • Developer Account Info: postal code, phone number, email address
  • Payment: credit card number, name on card, card verification code, postal code (billing address), phone number (billing address)
  • Payout Account: All values on this form
  • Tax Profile: All values on this form



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