Location-aware APIs

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Learn about the APIs that can be used for developing location-aware apps in Windows 8.

Building location-aware Windows Store apps

Windows Store apps can use the Windows Runtime geolocation API, in the Windows.Devices.Geolocation namespace. Windows Store apps can be built in Javascript, C#, C++, or Visual Basic.

APIProgramming LanguagesHighlights
Windows Runtime geolocation API

JavaScript with an HTML presentation layer


C#/C++/VB with a XAML presentation layer

  • Provides a MovementThreshold property for adjusting the distance between location updates.
  • Provides status properties and events for handling changes in location availability.
  • Allows your app to use other Windows Runtime APIs.
W3C geolocation API JavaScript and HTML
  • Makes it simple to implement a Windows Windows Store app from an existing webpage.
  • Provides parameters for specifying the use of cached location, and adjusting the frequency of updates based on the age of cached data.


Building location-aware desktop apps

The following API platforms are available for desktop apps.

Location APIProgramming LanguagesHighlights
Location APIC++/COM, or JavaScript through IDispatch
  • Allows access to individual location providers.
System.Devices.Geolocation in .NET Framework 4.0 C#
  • Provides a movement threshold property.




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