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Transcoding (HTML)

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

This section describes how to use the Windows.Media.Transcoding API to transcode audio and video files in your Windows Runtime app using JavaScript.

Transcoding is the conversion of a digital media file, such as a video or audio file, from one format to another. For example, you could convert a media file from one encoding to another. Convert a media file from one resolution to another, in which case you may or may not keep the same encoding. Or trim a media file, in which case you may or may not keep the same encoding and resolution.

For samples that use transcoding in a Windows Runtime app using JavaScript, see Transcoding media sample.

For an example of using a custom decoder, see the Media extension sample.

In this section


Quickstart: transcoding video files

The Windows.Media.Transcoding API transcode a video file from one format to another.

How to trim a video file

TrimStartTime and TrimStopTime methods on the MediaTranscoder trim a media file.


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