Port your app to the Windows Runtime

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Whether you have a Windows Phone Silverlight app, a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app, a "desktop" Microsoft Silverlight app, or an Android or iOS app—bring it to the Windows Runtime (WinRT) and enjoy exciting new hardware, great monetization opportunities, and a modern API set that combines new possibilities with a bold, touch-friendly user interface.

The Windows Runtime is the technology that lets you build universal Windows apps. You can refer to What's a Windows Runtime app? for more background on WinRT and universal Windows apps. When you port your app to the Windows Runtime you'll find it easy to support PCs, tablets, and phones from one code base.

This porting guide explains the differences between your current app's technology and WinRT technology. Once the path between technologies is understood, you'll be able to dive into the rest of the Developer Center, which is a comprehensive resource for developing both Windows Phone Store apps and Windows Store apps. A good way to do that, when you're ready, is to start with How to develop a Store app.

Video: moving an Android or iOS app to Windows and Windows Phone


Why Windows?

Whether you are porting an app, or creating a new app, supporting Windows makes good business sense—and it's fun! With modern languages, tools, and frameworks, and fresh user interface controls and experiences, your ideas will never have looked better. Use your skill set and even source code—from other XAML platforms, for example—to update your apps to the latest technologies, and explore new markets.

Snapped view User interface Make the most of new XAML and WinJS controls to create rich, engaging apps. Support for universal Windows apps means you can build for desktop, tablet and phone from one Visual Studio solution.
Snapped view Languages, tools and frameworks Moving (or returning) to a platform can be daunting. With new tools, controls, and programming language, where do you even start?
Snapped view Port your game Move your apps to the premier gaming platform and enjoy state-of-the-art graphics with DirectX. Cross-platform tools make it easier than ever to write AAA quality games.
Snapped view Latest APIs and technologies Super-charge your apps using the latest features in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.
The Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and app certification Publish your app in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store to share it with the world and reap the benefits.
Videos: moving from iOS and Android Watch and learn with these videos, which show how to port an iOS or Android app to a Windows Runtime app.


Resources for developers

No matter what technology you're coming from, we're got the information you need to make it smooth sailing to port your apps.

Windows Phone Silverlight Move your Windows Phone Silverlight app to a universal Windows app.
WPF and "desktop" Silverlight Update your desktop app to a universal Windows app.
Android Move your Android app to Windows devices with this API mapping index.
iOS Find code recipes and guidance on re-imagining your iOS app for Windows and Windows Phone.
Web Leverage your web skills to create great apps that work offline just as well as online.


Don't own a PC?

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What if you don't own a PC? Easy! You can use emulation or Boot Camp to run Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio on your Mac, and build your apps that way: even for Windows Phone 8.1 and universal Windows apps.

Watch and learn

Are you wondering what Windows 8 is all about? These videos will introduces you to several Windows 8 features, including the new user interface, live tiles, charms, the Windows Store, and using multiple apps on-screen.

Here is the news

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