End-to-end sample apps

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We provide complete source code and accompanying documentation for a set of end-to-end sample apps that can help you to build your own Windows Store apps.

We use the term end-to-end here to refer to a type of sample app that demonstrates using multiple features and calling APIs across multiple namespaces. These types of apps are intended to show a richer user experience and do more things than many of our other Windows Store app samples.

You'd typically find these types of apps by searching through categories of apps in the Windows Store. For example, if you're searching in the Productivity or Tools category, you might find something like our PDF viewer sample app.

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Doto Windows Azure Mobile Services Sample

The doto sample is a simple, social to-do list application that demonstrates how easy it is to add the power of Azure Mobile Services to your Windows Store app.

Feed reader sample

This Windows Store app sample demonstrates a basic end-to-end implementation of a news feed reader.

MediaHub sample app

The MediaHub sample app is a rich multimedia app for Windows 8.1. It plays, records, and converts audio, video, and images and it streams media to Play To devices.

PDF viewer sample

This sample demonstrates how to work with Portable Document Format (PDF) files programmatically in Windows Store apps.


Developer audience

We assume that you already know how to create basic Windows Store apps. However, if this is your first time creating a Windows Store app, we recommend that you gain confidence by first going through at least one of these introductory sets of app-building exercises:

Completing at least one of these exercise sets will better prepare you to understand the code in these more involved end-to-end sample apps.



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