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Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

The Manipal Hospital doctor's rounds app idea book shows how medical professionals can use Windows 8.1 apps to plan their patient visits during medical rounds. The doctor's rounds app uses the hospital's patient information system to schedule visits.

You can gain inspiration for the design of your own medical app by reviewing the use cases in this topic and seeing how the Microsoft design language is utilized in the app.

Sample code available: To review the code for the Manipal Hospital doctor's rounds app idea book, see Doctor's Rounds App.

Medical app scenarios

The doctor's rounds app described in this topic uses Microsoft design features to manage physician visits with patients each day. The medical rounds serve as an opportunity to evaluate patient status and administer treatment.

image of the a doctor receiving a notificationimage of a patient record



You can use the Microsoft design language to organize data and display it to the user, and allow the user to gather details and plan activities as a result.

Dr. Shah is a physician at Manipal Hospital. He will use the doctor's rounds app to support his daily activities which include patient rounds, research, and general care. The doctor's rounds app is integrated with the hospital data management system to ensure access to critical data and to save physicians time when providing care.

image of a the doctor's rounds app summary page

Dr. Shah is able to view patients based on triage state, scheduled rounds, and location. This "predictive browse" capability makes it easy to prioritize patient visits and access patient records.

image of a patient list

Dr. Shah uses a pinch gesture and semantic zoom provides a summarized view of his daily rounds schedule.

image of semantic zoom with the patient list

Dr. Shah decides that he would like to alter his daily rounds schedule and visit a specific patient on the first floor. He does not recall the patient's last name, but he is able to also view patients by location. This enables him to quickly find the correct patient record and he is on his way.

image of a patient list ordered by location


Summary of prepare

In the first scenario, we see that...

  • You can bind your data to custom layouts to create an engaging view of your content.
  • Your content shines in your app without any chrome and enables users to be immersed in the experience that they care about.

For information on binding to data and semantic zoom, see the following:

For help choosing the best navigation pattern for your app, see Navigation patterns.

See the Flat navigation pattern in action as part of our App features, start to finish series.


You can use the Microsoft design language to notify users of important events and draw users into your app using toast notifications.

Dr. Shah arrives at a patient's room during his rounds. His visit is interrupted by a code blue alarm throughout the hospital. This alarm is also delivered in the form of a toast notification, which provides immediate patient information and a link to the patient record.

image of a toast notification

Dr. Shah selects the toast notification and is taken directly to the medical record for the patient while on his way to the patient's room. The patient record includes information on the patients vital statistics and other data acquired from the hospital patient information management (PIM) system.

image of a patient record


Summary of care

In the second scenario, we see that...

  • Toast notifications deep link into your app and give the user an opportunity to re-engage with your content.

For information on toast notifications, see the following:

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