Debugging and testing

Use Microsoft Visual Studio to debug and test your Windows Store apps for both Windows 8 and Windows RT PC configurations. Next, prepare your app for the Windows Store certification process with the Windows App Certification Kit.

Debugging and testing Windows Store apps

Use the test and debug tools provided with Visual Studio to ensure that your Windows Store app is of the highest quality.

Debugging DLL load failures with the Event Viewer

Learn how to debug DLL load failures in Windows Store apps (and desktop apps) using the Event Viewer.

Debugging and testing on Windows RT PCs

Debug and test your Windows Store apps on Windows RT PCs to ensure a consistent user experience across all Windows 8 platforms.

Windows Store app test cases

A set of test cases that you can use to test your app before you submit it to the Windows Store. Use these cases to supplement your existing test process or to develop a new one.

Windows Performance Toolkit

Make your app fast and fluid. Use the Windows Performance Toolkit to analyze the performance of your app.

Using the Windows App Certification Kit

Give your app the best chance of getting certified. Validate and test it on your computer before you submit it for certification and listing in the Windows Store.




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