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Replaces owned resource.

weak_ptr& operator=(const weak_ptr& wp);
template<class Other>
    weak_ptr& operator=(const weak_ptr<Other>& wp);
template<class Other>
    weak_ptr& operator=(const shared_ptr<Other>& sp);


The type controlled by the argument shared/weak pointer.


The weak pointer to copy.


The shared pointer to copy.

The operators all release the resource currently pointed to by *this and assign ownership of the resource named by the operand sequence to *this. If an operator fails it leaves *this unchanged.


// std_tr1__memory__weak_ptr_operator_as.cpp 
// compile with: /EHsc 
#include <memory> 
#include <iostream> 
int main() 
    std::shared_ptr<int> sp0(new int(5)); 
    std::weak_ptr<int> wp0(sp0); 
    std::cout << "*wp0.lock() == " << *wp0.lock() << std::endl; 
    std::shared_ptr<int> sp1(new int(10)); 
    wp0 = sp1; 
    std::cout << "*wp0.lock() == " << *wp0.lock() << std::endl; 
    std::weak_ptr<int> wp1; 
    wp1 = wp0; 
    std::cout << "*wp1.lock() == " << *wp1.lock() << std::endl; 
    return (0); 
*wp0.lock() == 5
*wp0.lock() == 10
*wp1.lock() == 10

Header: <memory>

Namespace: std

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