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SortColumn enumeration

Specifies the column by which to sort the WebSvcQueueSystem.QueueStatusDataSet.StatusDataTable object.

Namespace:  WebSvcQueueSystem
Assembly:  ProjectServerServices (in ProjectServerServices.dll)

public enum SortColumn

Member nameDescription
UndefinedValue=0. No sort order defined.
CorrelationGUIDValue=1. Sort by the CorrelationGUIDColumn property.
CorrelationPriorityValue=2. Sort by the CorrelationPriorityColumn property.
GroupPriorityValue=3. Sort by the GroupPriorityColumn property.
JobCompletionStateValue=4. Sort by the JobCompletionStateColumn property.
JobGUIDValue=5. Sort by the JobGUIDColumn property.
JobGroupGUIDValue=6. Sort by the JobGroupGUIDColumn property.
JobInfoGUIDValue=7. Sort by the JobInfoGUIDColumn property.
LastAdminActionValue=8. Sort by the LastAdminActionColumn property.
MachineNameValue=9. Sort by the MachineNameColumn property.
MessageTypeValue=10. Sort by the MessageTypeColumn property.
PercentCompleteValue=11. Sort by the PercentCompleteColumn property.
QueueCompletedTimeValue=12. Sort by the QueueCompletedTimeColumn property.
QueueEntryTimeValue=13. Sort by the QueueEntryTimeColumn property.
QueueIdValue=14. Sort by the QueueIDColumn property.
QueuePositionValue=15. Sort by the QueuePositionColumn property.
QueueProcessingTimeValue=16. Sort by the QueueProcessingTimeColumn property.
QueueWakeupTimeValue=17. Sort by the QueueWakeupTimeColumn property.
ResourceGUIDValue=18. Sort by the ResourceGUIDColumn property.
ServiceNameValue=19. Sort by the ServiceNameColumn property.
LastColumnValue=20. Sort by the last specified property.

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