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Calendar Web Service

The Calendar class is the primary class in the [Calendar Web service] namespace. The Calendar class includes methods to manage exceptions in enterprise calendars.

Note Note

In the ASMX web service, Calendar is a class. In the WCF service, Calendar is an interface that is implemented in the CalendarClient class. For information about using the CalendarClient class in a WCF-based application, see the Calendar class constructor.

The [Calendar Web service] namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the Calendar.asmx web service (or the Calendar.svc service) of the PSI in Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Methods in the Calendar class can:

  • Check out and check in an enterprise calendar.

  • List all enterprise calendars.

  • Create or delete enterprise calendars with exceptions, or update calendar exceptions in a specific calendar.

To manage other calendar features, use Microsoft Project Professional 2010.

Calendar methods typically use or return a CalendarDataSet object.

  Class Description
Public class Calendar Includes methods for managing calendar exceptions in Project Server.
Public class CalendarDataSet Maintains collections of calendar information for managing projects.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsDataTable Supplies table management methods and class information, including methods, extensions, properties, and fields, that are associated with indexing; provides row and column operations for CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRow data.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRow Indicates the availability of the calendar-based resource identified by the CAL_UID property.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRowChangeEvent Event that occurs when data in a CalendarExceptionsRow is changed.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarsDataTable Supplies table management methods and class information including methods, extensions, properties, and other information for CalendarDataSet.CalendarsRow data.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarsRow Contains a row of calendar configuration information.
Public class CalendarDataSet.CalendarsRowChangeEvent Event that occurs when data in a CalendarsRow is changed.
  Delegate Description
Public delegate CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRowChangeEventHandler Represents the method that handles events which occur when an action is performed on CalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRow data.
Public delegate CalendarDataSet.CalendarsRowChangeEventHandler Represents the method that handles events which occur when an action is performed on CalendarDataSet.CalendarsRow data.

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