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Properties Command

Displays information about items under source control.

tf properties [/server:servername] [/recursive] 
itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/workspace]


Argument Description


The user-provided value for the /server option. Example: http://teamfoundation2:8080.


Identifies the files and folders that are specified for property retrieval.

. For more information about how Team Foundation Server parses itemspecs to determine which items are within scope, see Command-Line Options.


Provides a value such as C3 for the /version option. For more information about how Team Foundation Server parses a version specification to determine which items are within its scope, see Command-Line Syntax.

Option Description


Identifies the Team Foundation Server.


Displays all files and subfolders of a folder.


Specifies the version of the file to open for viewing the properties on.


Indicates the workspace to be used when displaying the “local” properties (such as location on disk).

The properties command displays several pieces of information about a source-controlled item.

Property Name Description

Local path

Indicates the local path of the workspace folder for the specified item.

Local version

Indicates the version number of the file or folder that was last retrieved to the current workspace using the Get Command.


Indicates where a change is pending.


Indicates the item type, for example file.

Server path

Indicates the full path of the item on the source control server.


Indicates the version number of the item.


If the item is deleted, the deletion identification; otherwise 0.


Indicates the type of lock.

  • Checkin   Check in is not permitted for the file.

  • Checkout   Check out in not permitted for the file.

  • None   A lock is not set. For more information, see Lock Command.

Lock Owner

Indicates the person who set a check-in lock.

Last modified

Indicates the date and time stamp for when the item was last modified.


Indicates the item type, for example file.

File Type

Displays the file type encoding. For example, Windows-1252.


Indicates the size of the file in bytes.

For links to other Team Foundation commands that describe the items on the server and the workspaces that map to the server, see Informational Commands.

The following example displays properties information about the file 314.cs.

c:\projects>tf properties 314.cs

The following example displays the properties of the working folder c:\projects\objects.

c:\projects>tf properties objects

To use the properties command, you must have the Read permission set to Allow for all specified files and folders. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

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