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Debugging Preparation: Visual C++ Project Types

This section describes how to debug the basic project types created by the Visual C++ project templates.

In This Section

Visual C++ Windows Applications
Describes Visual C++ Windows applications, provides basic debugging guidelines, and instructions on manually setting a Debug configuration.
Visual C++ Console Applications
Provides additional considerations for debugging Visual C++ console applications. These considerations include, specifying command-line arguments, starting the application from the command prompt rather than from Visual Studio, directing output to the Output window, and troubleshooting Console window behavior.
Discusses debugging a DLL. Information includes different types of calling applications, ways to debug calling applications, building Debug versions of DLLs (and resulting problems if you do not), debugging from DLL projects (rather than starting from calling applications), and enabling mixed-mode (managed and unmanaged) debugging.
ASP.NET Web Services Created with Managed Extensions for C++
Describes the process of debugging an ASP.NET Web Service project. Information includes debugging calls to the XML Web services from client applications and changing Debug and Release configurations.
Console Applications Created with Managed Extensions for C++
Discusses debugging a Console Application (.NET) project, including starting the application outside of Visual Studio and tips for attaching to it.
Class Libraries Created with Managed Extensions for C++
Explains what a Class Library (.NET) project is, discusses the considerations of debugging this type of project, and provides sequential instructions for debugging.

Related Sections

Debugging Visual C++
Discusses some common debugging problems and techniques for C and C++ applications.
Debug Settings and Preparation
Covers the settings and preparation that you must perform to debug your program with the Visual Studio debugger.
Debugging Samples and Walkthroughs
Provides a list of the debugging step-by-step topics that show how to debug Web applications, including: setting and removing breakpoints, viewing variables in your application, controlling execution, stepping and continuing, and attaching.
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