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Multithreaded Programming for Components with System.Threading 

The BackgroundWorker component replaces and adds functionality to the System.Threading namespace; however, the System.Threading namespace is retained for both backward compatibility and future use, if you choose. For more information, see BackgroundWorker Component Overview.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Authoring a Simple Multithreaded Component with Visual Basic

Demonstrates creating a multithreaded component using Visual Basic.

Walkthrough: Authoring a Simple Multithreaded Component with Visual C#

Demonstrates creating a multithreaded component using Visual C#.

How to: Create Threads

Explains how to create a new thread of execution.

How to: Coordinate Multiple Threads of Execution

Describes how to use locks to coordinate threads and ensure atomic execution of code.

Thread-Safe Components

Discusses what makes a component thread-safe and how to implement thread-safety in your components.

Event Logs and Multithreaded Components

Explains issues involved with using event logs with multiple threads of execution.

How to: Log Events for Multithreaded Components

Describes how to coordinate using an EventLog component with multiple threads of operation.

How to: Manipulate Controls from Threads

Explains the special considerations when manipulating controls with multiple threads.


System.Threading namespace

Provides classes and interfaces that enable multithreaded programming.

Related Sections

Multithreaded Programming with the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern

Describes the standardized way to package a component that has asynchronous features. 

BackgroundWorker Component

Allows you to run time-consuming operations in the background, on a thread different from your application's main UI thread.

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