GlyphRun Properties

The GlyphRun type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AdvanceWidths Gets or sets the list of Double values that represent the advance widths corresponding to the glyph indices.
Public property BaselineOrigin Gets or sets the baseline origin of the GlyphRun.
Public property BidiLevel Gets or sets the bidirectional nesting level of the GlyphRun.
Public property CaretStops Gets or sets the list of Boolean values that determine whether there are caret stops for every UTF16 code point in the Unicode representing the GlyphRun.
Public property Characters Gets or sets the list of UTF16 code points that represent the Unicode content of the GlyphRun.
Public property ClusterMap Gets or sets the list of UInt16 values that maps characters in the GlyphRun to glyph indices.
Public property DeviceFontName Gets or sets the specific device font for which the GlyphRun has been optimized.
Public property FontRenderingEmSize Gets or sets the em size used for rendering the GlyphRun.
Public property GlyphIndices Gets or sets an array of UInt16 values that represent the glyph indices in the rendering physical font.
Public property GlyphOffsets Gets or sets an array of Point values representing the offsets of the glyphs in the GlyphRun.
Public property GlyphTypeface Gets or sets the GlyphTypeface for the GlyphRun.
Public property IsHitTestable Gets a value indicating whether there are any valid caret character hits within the GlyphRun.
Public property IsSideways Gets or sets a value indicating whether to rotate glyphs.
Public property Language Gets or sets the XmlLanguage for the GlyphRun.
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