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DataView.AllowNew Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the new rows can be added using the AddNew method.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property AllowNew As Boolean
public bool AllowNew {get; set;}
public: __property bool get_AllowNew();
public: __property void set_AllowNew(bool);
public function get AllowNew() : Boolean;
public function set AllowNew(Boolean);

Property Value

true, if new rows can be added; otherwise, false.


[Visual Basic, C#, C++] The following example sets the AllowNew property to true before adding a new row with the AddNew method.

[Visual Basic] 
Private Sub AddNew()
   Dim myTable As DataTable
   myTable = New DataTable
   ' Not shown: code to populate DataTable.
   Dim dv As DataView
   dv = New DataView(myTable)
   dv.AllowNew = True
   Dim drv As DataRowView
   drv = dv.AddNew
   drv("ProductName") = "New Product Name"
End Sub

private void AddNew()
   DataTable myTable = new DataTable();
   // Not shown: code to populate DataTable.
   DataView dv = new DataView(myTable);
   dv.AllowNew = true;
   DataRowView drv = dv.AddNew();
   drv["ProductName"] = "New Product Name";

 void AddNew()
    DataTable* myTable = new DataTable();
    // Not shown: code to populate DataTable.
    DataView* dv = new DataView(myTable);
    dv->AllowNew = true;
    DataRowView* drv = dv->AddNew();
    drv->Item[S"ProductName"] = S"New Product Name";

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Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family, .NET Compact Framework

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