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LinearGradientBrush.LinearGradientBrush(Color, Color, Double) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the LinearGradientBrush class that has the specified start Color, end Color, and angle.

Namespace: System.Windows.Media
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)

Public Sub New ( _
	startColor As Color, _
	endColor As Color, _
	angle As Double _
Dim startColor As Color
Dim endColor As Color
Dim angle As Double

Dim instance As New LinearGradientBrush(startColor, endColor, angle)
public LinearGradientBrush (
	Color startColor, 
	Color endColor, 
	double angle
public function LinearGradientBrush (
	startColor : Color, 
	endColor : Color, 
	angle : double
You cannot use constructors in XAML.



The Color at offset 0.0.


The Color at offset 1.0.


A Double that represents the angle, in degrees, of the gradient. A value of 0.0 creates a horizontal gradient, and a value of 90.0 creates a vertical gradient.

The MappingMode of the brush is initialized to RelativeToBoundingBox.

Windows 98, Windows Server 2000 SP4, Windows CE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows Mobile for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile for Smartphone, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP Starter Edition

The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is supported on Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 3.0
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